Entegro Photovoltaic Systems is a company has completed the installation of the maximum rooftop solar energy system in their serving area. Turnkey solar energy systems have been installed and engaged in many industrial facilities which are rooftops of car parks, schools, public buildings, poultry farms, cattle farms, cold stores and similar facilities. We are managing the operation and maintenance of almost all of these facilities.

If you are thinking of investing in solar energy on your rooftop, you can contact us. We are making a free detailed exploration and give you detailed information. In the continuation of the process, we present our high quality standards with our experience and knowledge.

After the discovery, we can list the works to do as follows:

• System design,

• Electricity distribution company applications

• Obtaining necessary permits from relevant authorities

• Project / approval processes

• Supply and installation

• Acceptance procedures

• Operation and maintenance

 Benefits of Install Photovoltaic Energy Plant for Your Business

Industrial facilities, warehouses, agricultural holdings, livestock facilities, schools, hospitals and similar commercial enterprises all have rooftops which can be installed solar panel. In all of these buildings, high-density electrical energy is consumed. They pay high amounts of electricity bill to the electricity energy suppliers every month.

Imagine that some or all of these invoices will no longer be arranged to your company name. Instead of that, you pay the same amount of bills as a loan repayment to your bank for average of 7 years. At the end of this period you will be discharge from the obligation of electricity bill. If your solar energy system is of high quality in terms of the design / material used, the remaining 17 – 18 years will generate free electricity for you.

Enterprises make the majority of their electricity consumption during the hours when the sun can be utilized. In summer, electricity consumption increases due to the need for cooling. In this respect, installed solar energy system can meet your own consumption.

Commercial enterprise, that wants to have a photovoltaic energy system on their rooftop, should be analyzed in the first place. If the rooftop is insufficient for load-bearing capacity, must be reinforced before the solar panels are installed. For that reason, static projects are important to made, prepared and approved by relevant institutions.

An enterprise with a solar electrical system on the rooftop can gain competitive advantage by using this situation as an advertising medium. Reducing its carbon footprint with solar energy system strengthens its image and reputation in the society.

In addition, the connection power to the electricity grid (whether the operation is connected directly to the low voltage or via its own transformer?) of the enterprise directly affects the magnitude of the photovoltaic energy system that wants to install on the rooftop