Failure to occur after the installation and processing of solar power plants is not possible in a short  time. In rare cases, disruptions may occur during or after installation. Problems can be listed as follows that we encounter in the field as Entegro;

• Inverter fans are extremely dusty. Inverter causes malfunctions.

• Extreme contamination of panels. Causes loss of yield.

• There are things on the panels that stick to the window like bird droppings. The panels cause hot spot burns and the panel breaks down after a while.

• Birds nest under panels, where inverters are located.

• The vegetation in the fields grows enough to overshadow the panels.

• Overgrowth of grass and vegetation where panels and inverters are located.

• After the installation to the roof and field, the construction of buildings to shade panels such as chimneys, huts, etc..

• Forgetting hose  etc. on the  panels.. The panels under the hose were damaged.

• Antenna, camera and similar cables in the area where the panels are located on the roof.

• Intervention beside the expert team in GES panels.

This type of conditions causes faults of inverters, panels, cabinets and similar materials in your solar power plants and to be out of warranty. For these reasons, we guides our customers to take necessary precautions in order not to cause a failure.

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