The goal of installed open field solar energy systems is to provide maximum profit for many years.

High quality open field solar energy systems can only be installed by a good EPC (Engineering – Procurement – Construction) company. A good Engneering- Procurement- Contruction company:

  • Organized to provide EPC services according to international standards.
  • Has a strong financial structure.
  • Provides guidance to the investor in financing and insurance transactions.
  • Designs the most suitable system according to land, climate and environmental conditions within the scope of its standards and legislation.
  • Prepares projects and receives approval from the ministry.
  • Provides to customers solar panel, inverter, solar construction mounting equipment, AC / DC cables and High Voltage equipment from suppliers who have high financial power with proven quality products at reasonable prices.
  • Provides high quality and reasonable prices to its customers for peripheral services such as legal permits, melioration, field correction / excavation.
  • Activates the solar power plant according to the standards
  • Ensures that work with maximum power by optimizing solar power plant
  • Accord the project plan and finishes the project on time.
  • Organizes the construction site professionally and offers quality workmanship.
  • Completes acceptance procedures quickly.
  • Train the investor’s technical team, if any.
  • Closely follows legal regulations. Prevents the threats that will put the project process at risk under the legal regulations, informs the investor and warns about it.

Our company works for to fulfill all of these substances. Entegro Energy Systems has successfully commissioned dozens of MW solar power plants on difficult field conditions in limited time with the support of our German partner.

After all of this process, stand by its customers on the way of providing maximum earnings in Open Field Installation Solar Energy Systems for many years.