Mounted solar panels the rooftop of your house, an inverter that we will place in a suitable place at your home, cabling and bidirectional counter installation … That’s all. Having established tens of rooftop top solar energy systems since 2013, Entegro completes the installation of the integrated solar energy system into your rooftop of your house without damaging your rooftop and other parts of your house.

Our company performs all of the following services to A-Z in the installation of solar energy system on rooftop: 

• Discovery,

• System design,

• Electricity distribution company applications,

• Project / approval processes,

Considerations during the Installation of House Rooftop Solar Energy Systems

Area, which the solar panel is placed on the rooftops of the house, can be narrow and the majority of those areas do not directly look at south. Structures such as chimneys and penthouses can leave the available rooftop area in the shade. In this respect, a detailed discovery is required in the house where solar energy will be installed.

Due to the small amount of solar panels to be mounted on the rooftop, high strength or monocrystalline panels should be preferred.

The choice of inverters is also an important factor in rooftop solar energy systems. The specifications of the inverter which selected directly affect system efficiency and return on investment. Optimizer systems can also be preferred in rooftop of house solar energy applications for high efficiency and safety.

Rooftops are one of the most sensitive sections of house in terms of insulation. Construction – installation equipment and solar panel assembly should be done by an experienced team in this field.

The investor should continue to work with an expert team for remote monitoring, maintenance / repair and electricity distribution organization billing operations.

Our company is working to provide high quality standards to customers within all of these processes.