Renewable energy is the energy that we obtain from the nature, which can renew itself in the natural process. In our country; For to establish alternative sources of income for rural enterprises, reliable food farming, widespread usage of developed alternative technologies by producers, development of marketing infrastructure of firms which serving in the field of agriculture and livestock, in order to contribute to the creation of local development capacity in rural society; electricity generation from Solar Energy is supported. In certain provinces, grant support is provided to the enterprises in the Agriculture and Livestock sector. Within the scope of the Rural Development Investments Support Program, enterprises dealing with the following activities can benefit from the 50% state support of their budget to set up solar energy systems for to meet their energy needs and to sell surplus energy to the grid.

• Cold storage,

• Ovine livestock facilities,

• Poultry farms,

• Fruit and vegetable packaging enterprises,

• Flocking businesses,

• Other Businesses dealing with the processing, packaging and storage of crop products (flower business)

The enterprises which are entitled to receive grant support can obtain up to 300 KW solar power plant connection permission provided, even if the capacity of TEİAŞ Solar Power Plant is full in the region where they are located, that they do not exceed the contracting power from the relevant electricity distribution company. They can sell the excess electricity in the solar power plant to the grid at electricity purchase prices.

In this context, some of the investors who provide turnkey installation services with up to 50% irreversible financial support are listed in the table below.
Installation DateProject NameProject LocationInstalled CapacityUsed Products
26.12.2013Algur SPPAydin-Soke155 KWBYD Panel,Delta Inverter
2.7.2015Ak-Akar SPPManisa Alaşehir195 KWCSUN Panel,SMA Inverter
25.3.2016Akimpeks SPPAydin-Germencik400 KWBYD Panel,Delta Inverter
25.3.2016Taris SPPAydın -Germencik500 KWBYD Panel,Delta Inverter
11.5.2016Ozsahinler SPPMugla-Dalaman150 KWBYD Panel,Delta Inverter
26.5.2016Ozkirici SPPAydin-Incirliova400 KWBYD Panel,Delta Inverter
5.8.2016Yavuz Incir SPPAydın-Nazilli340 KWAxitec Panel,Delta Inverter
22.7.2016Ozkaramanlar SPPIzmir-Torbalı370 KWAxitec Panel,Delta Inverter
12.12.2017Cactus Farm SPPIzmir-Menderes1000 KWHeckert Panel,Delta Inverter
16.3.2018Hitit SPPIzmir-Kemalpaşa430 KWHeckert Panel,Delta Inverter
2.8.2018Elmas SPPIzmir-Kemalpaşa300 KWHeckert Panel,Delta Inverter
13.9.2018Akpinar SPPMugla-Yatagan300 KWHT Solar Panel,Delta Inverter
28.9.2018Form SPPManisa – Alaşehir280 KWHeckert Panel,Delta Inverter

In all of these solar energy investments, the return period without grants varies between 6 and 8 years. Many of them have already paid for themselves through the grant contribution.

Thanks to the grant-backed solar power investments, agriculture and livestock enterprises have an energy generation system where they can achieve a constant return over many years. In this way, they contribute to the national economy in a sustainable way.

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