Product Used in Solar Power Installation

Importance of Experience during the Product Selection

A quality solar energy system should serve its investor minimum 25 years with minimum maintenance cost. In the selection of products used during the installation of the Solar Power Plant, the cost – quality balance should be considered and the financial gain of the solar power plant should be maximized.

Products must be selected according to the installation site conditions (building, rooftop, land, climate, etc.). Harmoniously working solar energy system components is one of the most important factors affecting the performance.

Thanks to our company’s technical knowledge and experience, we select the most suitable products for each system and support you to get the maximum return from your investment. If you choose Entegro for your solar energy investments, you can be sure that you have a system that will work with high performance and low maintenance requirements for many years.

Product Selection, Testing and Approval

Entegro selects offered products to its customers after a long test and validation process. The sector and technical knowledge of the German partners are also used. For example; randomly selected solar modules from manufacturers are tested by independent organizations such as Fraunhofer and Turkish Standards Institution. Some of the tests for Solar Panels are:

  • Highest Power Determination
  • Electroluminescence Imaging
  • Mechanical Load Test
  • Grounding Test
  • Insulation Test
  • Leakage Current Test

In addition, flash – test reports of all solar panels which shipped to the operation site are requested from the manufacturer and examined.

Offer Quick Solutions to Problem

A company which installs solar power plants, should interfere directly to the problems that may arise after installation and should not direct customer to the manufacturer in case of faults. Entegro solves all the problems that may occur during operation in basic components such as inverter, solar panel and construction – installation equipment used in solar energy systems. He doesn’t leave his investor alone in the possible malfunction. Keeps stock of spare material to be able to intervene quickly in case of possible faults.


Whether a 2 KW small rooftop solar application or a 20 MW solar power plant, the inverters function like a brain in a solar energy system. The main functions of the inverters are:

  • Converting produced direct current (DC) in solar panels to alternating current (AC)
  • Ensure that the solar system operates at maximum efficiency
  • Remote monitoring of solar energy system
  • Disconnection from the power grid during the electric cut-out
  • Limiting the power produced in solar power plants

Yield and Availability

The most important feature for an inverter is its ability to transfer energy generated from solar panels to the grid with minimum loss. Another important feature is availability which means the rate of serviceability. Inverters with high ratio of availability rarely fails, also fault can be solved quickly.

Since establishment, Entegro has been using the inverter of Delta Electronics, Kostal Solar Electric, ABB Group and SolarEdge in their systems. The service of these products is provided directly by our company. We keep stock of spare parts of these products and new models of these products have also continuously tested by our German partner. Because of these factors, we intervene rapidly faults in the inverters.

Assemble Way of the Inverters Directly Affects the Performance of Solar Energy System

Factors such as the field which the inverters are placed, if there is more than one unit, their positions to each other, and the cable entries affect not only the performance of the inverter but also the performance of the entire solar system.

Photovoltaic Panels

The solar energy modules are consisting of electrically connected units which called solar cells or photovoltaic cells. “Photovoltaic” means the conversion of solar radiation to electricity. Each photovoltaic cell consists of two or more layered semiconductor materials. This semiconductor material is silicium in the majority of solar cell types.

Silicium is the most abundant element in nature after oxygen. So it is very easy to reach and low cost material. However, to bring this material into a consumable purity for to use in the production of photovoltaic cells requires high amounts of energy.

Solar modules are divided into two main groups:

Crystal Type Solar Panels

Crystal type panels with two subgroups of monocrystalline and polycrystalline are the most common type of solar panels. They consist of black (monocrystalline) and blue (polycrystalline) rectangle shape with stripes solar cells. Cell numbers are generally 60 or 72. Monocrystalline panels have higher yields than polycrystalline panels. This means that a monocrystalline solar panel with the same surface area produces more power than the polycrystalline solar panel. In this respect, it is convenient to use monocrystalline panels if field for solar power plant installation is narrow on the rooftop and ground mounted.

Thin Film Panels

Thin film panels with dark red or dark brown are less efficient than crystal type panels. In this respect, they are used in large solar power plants based on mega – watts (MW). The temperature coefficients of the thin film solar panels are low and they perform better in hot climates than crystal panels. This type of solar modules is more efficient in cloudy weather than other types. One of the most important disadvantages of this type of panels is the yield decreases over the years are quite high compared to the crystal type panels. Thin-film solar panels also lead to higher costs such as construction, cable and workmanship due to their low efficiency.

Performance of Solar Panels

The more sunlight falls on a solar panel, the more energy it produces. In cloudy, foggy and misty weather, the energy produced by the solar panels decrease. The angle of sunlight falls on the panels significantly affects produced power. Solar panels do not perform well with the heat; the higher the ambient temperature, the more the performance decrease. For this reason, Entegro prepares the feasibility analysis with our expert team and install solar panels to solar power plants in a way that you get the most efficiency by solar panels which we supply from the leading solar panel manufacturers, HT Solar and Hackert Solar.

Construction- Solar Mounting Equipments

It is possible to install solar modules the way that produce energy with the highest efficiency to structure, such as open terrains, rooftops or parking lots, with solar construction equipments.

Solar mounting equipment, for wind, earthquake and rooftop solar power plant installations, should be designed considering the static structure of the building.

The service life of a solar system is expected to be a minimum of 25 years. Solar construction equipment must be able to function without deformation until the end of this period. For this purpose, high quality products must be used in both steel and aluminum mounting equipment. Especially in rooftop applications, solar panels should be mounted without damaging the investor’s structure.

Our company works with the leading Alkor Aluminum and K2 System companies in the world and in our country for material supply, the design, static calculation / projects and for open field and rooftop solar plant applications. Entegro has so far completed dozens of rooftop projects and very sensitive and careful about that subject.

Solar Cables

Solar Cables are specially designed for solar panel installations. Solar cables used during the mounting of solar power plant designed to comply with photovoltaic standards. The solar cables used during the installation of solar power plants are designed to comply with photovoltaic standards. If the correct solar cables are not selected, there is not enough output from the solar panels and shorten the solar panels life. To get the desired efficiency from solar energy systems, which are renewable energy sources, the appropriate cable must be used. Solar Energy Systems and Solar Cables are neglected by many people. In fact, solar cable plays a key role in solar energy system design, although it seems insignificant. If the selection of Solar Cable is not taken into consideration, it may cause damages.

What kind of troubles can occur if solar cables choose wrong?

There is a risk of fire in solar system, due to incorrect solar cable selection. Power dissipation can occur inflow from solar panel that can reduce the efficiency of the system. When you start receiving your return on investment, fault can be happed and your investment may be wasted. As a result, the choice of wrong solar cable can cause problem that starts with working efficiency of your solar system, reaching the point that threatens human life. We are aware of the risks may occur as Entegro. For this reason, we choose the most suitable solar cables, which we supply from the leading Helukabel and Nexans companies, with our technical knowledge and experience.