Solar Power Plant must be kept under continuous control, periodic maintenance should be done and fault should be intervened immediately.

In terms of investor; to complete and commission a solar power plant investment and conclude acceptance procedures is a success. However, the success of the installed solar energy system can be observed during the operation process. For a successful solar energy system;

  • It should be optimized after commissioning, all generators must be able to generate energy with the highest possible efficiency and transmit it to the network side of the meter.
  • Operate with a high Performance Ratio (PR).
  • Should be able to fit the financial and performance ratio calculations which made before the installation.
  • Solar panels and terrain should be cleaned when they are dirty, not periodically.
  • Periodic maintenance should be done according to international standards.
  • Their economic life should be greater than expected.
  • Efficiency drops should be recognized immediately and intervened.
  • Faults must be recognized immediately and intervened.
  • Energy distribution organization and production bills and invoices should be checked.

In order for solar power plants to fulfill their financial expectations, not to force the investor in the payment of credit installments, they must work with a knowledgeable, experienced maintenance service provider close to the solar power plant operation industry. Our company, with the experience of EPC (Engineering – Supply – Installation), offers operation – maintenance services to many rooftop / terrain solar power plants in its region. With its widespread service network in the region, Entegro provide these services 365 days and 24 hours with a high quality standard, always on the side of customers. In addition, the company carries out detailed controls of solar power plants that have been in operation for a long time and also works to increase its performance.